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  • Awareness Alert Smart Ring

    Elevate your health awareness with the Awareness-Alert Smart Ring, a cutting-edge wearable technology designed for the modern, health-conscious individual. This ring is more than just a health tracker; it's a personal health advisor, offering tailored recommendations based on your unique health metrics.


    1. Heart Rate: Monitors the rate of your heartbeats.
    2. Heart Rate Variability: Tracks the variation in your heartbeat rhythm, indicating the regulation of heart function by the autonomic nervous system.
    3. Temperature: Measures human body surface temperature.
    4. Blood Oxygen: Assesses the level of oxygen in your blood.
    5. Sleep Tracking: Analyzes your sleep comfort level and overall sleep quality.
    6. Sporting Metrics: Records calories burned, miles covered, and steps taken.

    Please note, this ring does not have NFC capabilities and cannot connect to ID Cards or vehicles. Experience a heightened sense of health consciousness with the Awareness-Alert Smart Ring.


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