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  • December 30, 2020 3 min read

    There are lots of benefits to wearing a personal engraved medical alert bracelet or other type of Medical ID jewelry. In this blog you will learn everything you need to know about alert bracelets before knowing if getting one yourself could be beneficial.

    Why wear a medical ID bracelet?

    The main reason for getting medical ID alert jewelry is to provide emergency workers with the correct information about any conditions, allergies or other concerns that could be relevant for your care in the case that you are unconscious or incapacitated. Crucial information like this makes it easier for emergency responders to give the right treatment and save your live.

    Medical Identification bracelets have already been around for more that 50 years. That is why most ER personnel is trained to look for such an ID in a necklace, ring or bracelet.

    Main benefits of wearing a medical alert bracelet:

      • Quality of Care
        You are more likely to receive the correct treatment and also get it faster because first responders will know what could be wrong with you.
      • Better Perspective
        A personal engraved medical ID bracelet can give emergency personnel a better perspective on deciding the following steps for a good recovery.
      • Bystander Response
        It can also be useful for non-medical bystanders who are first at the scene. For example with Alzheimer's patients it can be very important that bystanders know who to contact and what to do. The same goes for life-threatening allergies.
      • Lack of Guideline
        Even though many medical authorities see the benefits for patients wearing medical identification jewelry there are no specific guidelines on which types or what should be on the bracelet. The more people start wearing them, the more authorities will see the need for proper guidelines around medical alert bracelets.

      Important information to add on Personal Engraved Medical Alert Bracelet

      Personal Engraved medical alert bracelets need to have certain information on them in order for them to function best. Because there is limited space you need to pick the right information for you. Our Medical Alert bracelets can be engraved with maximum 20 characters and on 3 lines in total.

      Consider the following information to engrave on your medical alert bracelet:

      • Medical conditions (Such as Diabetes, Epilepsy, Alzheimer's, etc)
      • Medications you might be using
      • Medical advice (for example in the case of a pacemaker)
      • Your blood type
      • Missing organs or transplants
      • Dangerous allergies
      • In Case of Emergency phone numbers or address
      • Other instructions such as a 'do not resuscitate order'
      • If necessary: first and last name

      Remember that if there are any major changes in your health situation that your personal engraved medical alert bracelet needs to be updated as well.

      Our personal engraved medical alert bracelets:

      Here at Awareness Alert we offer many different types of alert bracelets for different causes such as Diabetes, Pacemaker and Epilepsy. Besides this we also have our own personal engraved bracelets were we offer 4 types of medical alert bracelets that you can engrave with anything you want. We offer them in silver, gold and black and they are available for both men and women.

      Some examples of our Personal engraved Medical Alert bracelets you can find below:

      Medical Alert Bracelet for men

      Engraved bracelet Men

      Medical Alert Bracelet for women

      Engraved Bracelet

      Unisex Medical Alert Bracelet

      Medical Alert Bracelet